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HAF’s Organic Agricultural Project:

From Nursery to Market

The HAF’s sustainable agricultural mission is twofold: we strive to improve the livelihood of rural Moroccan communities, while maintaining an eco-friendly approach to economic growth. Morocco’s subsistence farming coupled with a weak structural processing capacity continues to decrease entrepreneurial capital and thwart human development.  Family farmers are transitioning to plant cash-crops, most commonly fruit trees, to generate greater income.

In 2013, the HAF planted 235,000 fruit seeds, saplings, and trees – more than any year since HAF’s first tree project in 2003, and making four consecutive record-breaking years.  All combined, we are approaching 700,000 planted (about 18 times the number of trees in New York City’s Central Park), impacting about 5,000 marginalized rural families.

These projects not only tell the story of how Morocco can most cost effectively produce the billions of trees and plants it needs (according to its own projection, to break subsistence agriculture), but indeed overcome the existential challenges that also other nations of the region and world face – pervasive rural poverty, gender and youth marginalization, and land degradation.

The HAF’s organic agricultural project spans the entire development process – from nursery to market – specifically including:

1. Building community-managed tree and medicinal plant nurseries and irrigation infrastructure (terracing, basins, wells, piping);
2. Training local farmers in organic and integrated techniques related to nursery and orchard planting, expansion, and maintenance;
3. Securing product organic certification;
4. Purchasing (or acquiring) raw fruit and the value-added processing of products;
5. Marketing and competitive sale of products to achieve maximum profit (starting with walnuts and almonds from the High Atlas Mountains, Al Haouz and Taroudannt provinces);
6. Planting trees with rural children at their schools, and providing trees to take home and plant in their family orchards, while incorporating lessons to build their role as stewards of the earth;
7. Distributing net profit generated to family farmers for added financial gain and for reinvesting in agricultural and human development projects, such as in education, health, women and youth empowerment, and experiential training in participatory democratic planning of development and project management.

The HAF maintains a zero waste commitment by purchasing biomass waste including, but not limited to almond and walnut hulls (shells) to create biomass for bio energy purposes.

Continuing to look ahead, we are planting tens of thousands of wild medicinal herbs in greenhouses with women and youth, which will be harvested and commercialized for income and planted on terribly eroding mountains and plains that have forced homes and villages to be abandoned.  Once such nursery is in Ouaouizerth, where the Ambassador Chris Stevens served in the Peace Corps thirty years ago, from where he went on to continue to serve until he lost his life in Libya.  Projects are gateways to other projects, deeper meaning, broader impact, and messages to the global publi



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HAF Projects

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1 Million Tree Campaign

The 1 Million Tree Campaign increases family incomes multiple-fold while also preventing erosion and desertification. HAF and its partners will plant the 1 millionth tree January 16th, 2014. Over 10 years, we estimate to have helped 50,000 people make the step out of poverty. The project is poised to continue indefinitely, at an accelerated pace, with 500,000 young trees expected to be planted in 2014 alone. Please join us.

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